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     White   Orange    Green    Yellow    Blue/White
     Red     Tan       Blue     Black     Military (camo/desert)
    Other Color:       
    Acapulco Model?  (Must have come with running boards, Bikini Top, etc)
    Military Model?  (Built for Military, No US Models were Military)

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 (To Preclude Duplicate Registry Submissions of the same car)
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    I tow my Type 181 and would be interested in a Thing Camporee  

    I would like to set up one of the events listed in my area.  
      Advice and support will be provided by The Registry Staff. 

   I do  Do not  have an objection to having my name & E-mail
   address given to other Type 181 owners in my local area  for the
   purpose of meeting and getting together for coffee/pizza/etc.See our Privacy Policy

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