Engine FireInsurance Claim Settlements

In the never ending quest for fairness for our members, and all Type 181 owners, we have identified a problem that is unique to our community. When some of our members were unfortunate enough to experience an accident that involved our cars we found that many claims adjustors were ignorant of the worth of this unique vehicle. The most common complaint is that some claims adjustors are under the impression that all air cooled Volkswagens are Bugs and will write the car off as a total loss if the damage exceeds $600-$800. In an effort to help those who may experience this horror in the future we are compiling information, files, and statistics that can be made available to those that may require it. (See Jerry Kempe's extensive article in the August 1998 issue of Thing Stuff.)

         If you have recently sold, purchased or concluded an insurance claim procedure we would appreciate your completing this form so that others will have the information necessary to argue for a fair settlement of their claim. This information will only be made available if required to improve the accident claim settlement of a fellow Thing Owner.

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