Type 181 Manuals

     This is a great bargin.   If you have a Thing you can't work on your car without all these manuals. You scan through like reading a book. Print the pages you want as often as you want and don't worry about getting them dirty or ripping them.  
     The Parts Catalog has every part for every Thing as well as pictures and the parts number.The Wiring Manual is 5 pages and outlines everything you need to know about the wiring - Codes etc.


Offered by Jeff Kline
Topanga, Caliifornia

Type181 Manuals CD-ROM
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S&H $4.99
The Heater Manual is the genuine
German\English one, it covers the 
wiring, Repair & Troubleshooting 
and all the parts and numbers.
Two brochures are an extra bonus,
they are the showroom brochures, 8
pages each with all the selling bull 
for the type 181. They show all the 
additional options for the Thing - All 
in color  - VERY NEAT.  You would
 pay $100 + for all this in printed form,
 it is a deal at $32. Your satisfaction 
is backed by a money back 
guarantee.   All CD's are password
protected and copyrighted.