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This is an attempt to determine how many VW Type 181's and 182's remain in the UK,
what condition they are in and where they are located.
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If you are interested in the history of your Type 181,  ask and we'll check our Registry for you.

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     White   Orange    Green    Yellow    Blue/White
     Red    Tan    Blue    Black   Military (camo/desert)
    Other Colour:       
    Acapulco Model?  (Must have come with running boards, Bikini Top, etc)
    Military Model?  (Has 'Typ 18/63' in top LH corner of  VIN plate)

     Roll Bar?    Hard Top?
   I use my car for:        
   Chassis No (VIN):          
   If you don't have your Chassis Number right now that's OK.  
    Submit the form with what you have. However, please send your VIN as soon
    as you can as this is important to any car registry. When you do submit 
    your VIN you need only to complete this box. 
    (I will match it to this submission).  

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 (To Preclude Duplicate Registry Submissions of the same car)
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   I do  Do not  have an objection to having my name & E-mail
   address given to other Type 181 owners in my local area  for the
   purpose of meeting and getting together for coffee/pizza/etc.
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