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We are one of the world's most-established collectibles dealers. Since 1975, we have brought tens of thousands of buyers and sellers together. Our reputation is spotless. We now expand the scope of our service to the entire online world. NOTE: This service is temporarily unavailable as we are making some improvements to the site. Please check back later.



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There may not be an easier, more inexpensive way to sell your collectibles!

For Visa and MasterCard holders, simply fill out and submit the form below.

If you choose not to use a credit card, either print out the form and then fill it in, or provide essentially the same information. Then mail it, along with payment. Make check or money order payable to Jerry Osborne. Address at bottom of page.

We will categorize and post your ad here. If you would like your ad in a specific category (other than perhaps the obvious), put that in the "Comments" text box.

If the appropriate category for your item does not yet exist, we can create one for you.

Our fee schedule is very economical: just 10 per word ($2.00 minimum) runs an ad UNTIL YOUR ITEM SELLS (12 months maximum)! Generic ads — not for specific items — must be renewed monthly.

Compare this to 40 to 50 per word charged by some sites. All payments must be made in advance. State sales tax will be added to Washington orders. Rates are for each category you choose.

Got a banner ad? You may place it at one or more of our catagories. The charge is $25 per banner, per month, per site. Indicate this choice in the "Comments" box, then send banner (approximately 400 x 75 pixels) directly to us by e-mail.

Collectibles of widely varying types in the same ad will go in "Miscellaneous" unless you specify otherwise.

To place your ad in more than one category (sometimes a very wise decision), indicate in the "Comments" box which additional categories you wish.

Since a picture may be worth a thousand words, for a one-time $3.00 processing fee, we will include a JPG image file (20 kb maximum) with your ad, on our server. There is no photo charge if your image file is at another site. To link to an image elsewhere, use the appropriate HTML code in the text of your ad. Then test it! Some items, such as jewelry, may not be adequately described using text only. Submit JPG image files as e-mail attachments by Clicking Here!

Please do not send us your collectibles! Our job is to bring you a buyer, who will respond directly to you — either by the e-mail link or however you indicate.

E-mail link is standard. If you do not have e-mail, make certain you include name, address, phone, etc. in your ad.

Buyers and sellers negotiate their own sales and terms. We do not act as an mediator, nor are we an escrow agent. We do not conduct auctions; however, you may promote your own auctions in your ad.

WANTED ads are also accepted. Just describe what you are seeking. Same 10 per word ($2.00 minimum) rate applies. Runs until you find what you want (12 month maximum).


Please! Please! Please! Notify us when your item is sold. You don't want to be bothered by unnecessary inquiries and buyers don't want to waste time on what is unavailable.

We are not obligated to edit your text. Review your ad carefully before submitting it. A well-written ad makes a good impression.

Look over some of our current ads to get a feel for what others are doing.

Please DO NOT type your ad in all upper case letters!

For best results, describe items as thoroughly as possible — especially condition.

Beware of anyone who wants you to send them an item before any payment is made.

Buyers will be more comfortable dealing with you if you offer a guarantee of satisfaction, in case the item is not exactly as you have described it. Unless otherwise stated, all items are offered on an as-is basis.

Questions about our service? Call us at (360) 385-1200. Business hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time (Washington state).

No personal information in this form will be given to anyone, ever! It is for our use only. (Read our Privacy Statement.)

When sending more than one form — one after the other — you need not repeat the address, phone, and credit card data. Just make sure to complete the "Name" field.

Credit card infomation is secure with us; however, those sending payment by U.S. mail should leave the two credit card boxes blank.

"Comments" box is optional, but all others should be filled in. "Comments" box is for notes to us, not a place for your ad copy.

Enter your collectibles ad:

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Expiration date:

Comments or additional information if needed:

Please review form carefully before submitting.
No e-mail? Then include name, address, phone, etc.

Osborne Collectibles
Box 255
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Phone: (360) 385-1200

Important Notice. Buyers and sellers, or their agents, are entirely responsible for all business dealings resulting from ads placed here. Osborne Collectibles will not be held responsible for losses which may occur in the purchase, sale, or other transaction of items advertised herein.

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